Apple Redefines AI as "Apple Intelligence"

Plus a new AI-powered data tool and what to expect at WWDC.

This week has some interesting opportunities from world-class names including Netflix, Charles Schwab, and Coinbase. We’re also discussing a new AI-powered data tool, Apple’s surprising choices for WWDC, and a $56 Billion pay package.

This Week’s Reads

New AI-Powered Data Tool

What if you could attach a data source and ask it questions? DataLab uses artificial intelligence to do just that.

We tried it.

Dr. Johns got an inside look at DataLab. Here’s the full review.

The AI Assistant quickly understood my request and generated the necessary code to analyze the data. Within moments, DataLab executed the code and produced a detailed plot.

Dr. Johns

Here at, we’ve always really appreciated DataCamp’s efforts to democratize data skills through its comprehensive online learning platform. 

But even the best courses can't bridge the gap if the tools we use for analysis are cumbersome. 

Traditionally, data work has involved hopping between Excel, SQL editors, and Python notebooks like Jupyter.

This is fine, but it can also lead to fragmented insights and less-than-optimized collaboration.

DataLab has the ability to address this pain point by making data interaction as seamless as chatting with an expert analyst. 

This Week’s Jobs

We’re highlighting a few eye-catching jobs this week. Note the opportunities for remote work and the chance to work at Charles Schwab.

View this week's jobs for the hackr community.

Looking to land a job as a software engineer? Check out this software engineering bootcamp. It has an 89% hiring rate.

What to Expect from WWDC

It’s the week of the Worldwide Developers Conference, and Apple is already making the news with a choice to advertise its artificial intelligence efforts as “Apple Intelligence”. Is it really just a rebrand of OpenAI’s tech?

You can live stream the WWDC on YouTube.

The WWDC means new product releases and discussions around new technologies. But it also means potential discounts on previous-gen tech.

Are you following the WWDC this week?

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And Apple’s not the only name in the news. Elon Musk continues to make headlines, this time with the Norway Wealth Fund voting against his $56 Billion pay package.

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