Apple's WWDC Anticipation & The End of the Bitcoin Satoshi Saga...

An innovation showcase and a courtroom drama that could rival any tech thriller.

Apple's WWDC Anticipation & The End of the Bitcoin Satoshi Saga...

In this week's tech roundup, I’ll be zooming into the anticipated spectacle of Apple's innovation showcase and a courtroom drama that could rival any tech thriller.

From the halls of Apple's WWDC, brimming with AI promises, to the decisive legal verdict on the true identity of Bitcoin's creator, the tech world continues to provide plenty of news.

If this is all new to you, or you’ve been too busy to keep up with the latest tech developments, let me fill you in!

Apple Gears Up for an "Absolutely Incredible" WWDC...

Let’s start with Apple's latest news regarding their annual development conference, WWDC.

If you’re not familiar with this event, WWDC, or the Worldwide Developers Conference, is almost like a festival for Apple enthusiasts, employees, and aspiring Apple developers.

Think Coachella for Apple devices, except it’s in Cupertino!

Scheduled for June 10-14, this year's gathering is not just another developer conference. Oh no, it's shaping up to be the battleground where Apple might just redefine the future of AI in consumer tech.

Apple's SVP, Greg “Joz” Joswiak, set tongues wagging when he cleverly teased an ‘Absolutely Incredible’ WWDC. Do you see what he did there?

Absolutely Incredible = AI..?

Perhaps we’re all reading too much into this, but this seems quite unlikely, given how much care and detailed thought goes into Apple PR.

With a history of turning WWDC into a launchpad for technological marvels, Apple seems to be hinting at major updates across its ecosystems, possibly including the biggest iOS update in history.

But let's also be real: it's Apple's flirtation with AI that has everyone talking.

CEO Tim Cook's promise of "groundbreaking innovation" in the AI sphere has already set tongues wagging about potential partnerships, specifically the much-rumored dance with Google's Gemini.

But you already know about this if you caught my recent emails.

But cutting to the chase, we all want to see just what types of AI tools they will unveil.

After all, this be the moment that Apple solidifies its stance in the AI race, or perhaps it will leave us wanting more? Who knows!

One thing's for certain, Apple's AI ambitions are about to step into the spotlight, and I’m here for it.

And while we’ll have to wait a few more months until WWDC actually starts, I think we can all expect a range of teasers and announcements along the way.

The Bitcoin Satoshi Mystery: Case Closed?

Now, let’s take a detour into the world of crypto and, in particular, Bitcoin.

Depending on how closely you follow this space, you may or may not know that the creator of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, an anonymous figure or group that has long remained a mystery.

However, there is a certain Australian computer scientist named Crag Wright who has long claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bold claim. And for many, a very dubious one at that.

Well, in a plot twist worthy of a tech thriller, the UK High Court has recently delivered a verdict that could end one of the crypto world’s longest-running mysteries.

Craig Wright has been officially declared not to be the man behind the cryptocurrency curtain.

Justice James Mellor minced no words, dismantling Wright's claims with a verdict that touched on the authorship of the Bitcoin white paper, the use of the Nakamoto pseudonym, and the creation of Bitcoin itself.

The trial, propelled by the Crypto Open Patent Alliance's quest to debunk Wright's story, highlighted a saga of alleged forgeries and contradictions.

For many, this judgment closes the chapter on Wright's legal battles over his Satoshi claim. But I guess it also opens up further discussions about the true origin of Bitcoin.

In my opinion, we’ll likely never know who the creator or creators of Bitcoin are, and that’s fine.

Whether you approve or disapprove of crypto and Bitcoin, one thing is for certain: Bitcoin has managed just fine without anyone knowing who created it until now.

And it will probably be fine long into the future thanks to its growing adoption after the newly created spot Bitcoin ETFs - something we covered a few weeks back.

It’s also often the case in the crypto space that a rising tide lifts all boats, with various altcoins also gaining in price. So it might not be a bad idea to dust off any mining GPUs you have to make the most of crypto’s current moment in the sun!

I want to:

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In a rush…

So there you go, that’s what’s big in tech this week!

If you want the TL-DR: Apple's anticipation-building for its WWDC event hints at a major AI showcase, promising to push the boundaries of what's possible with consumer technology. While the UK High Court's ruling that Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto puts a dramatic end to one of the crypto world's most persistent mysteries.

And while we’re still mostly in the dark about Apple's upcoming event and what it may bring, it seems poised to open the door for AI innovations that may redefine user interaction with Apple technology.

Meanwhile, the landmark decision on the Satoshi case might just shift the focus in crypto back to the technology and future potential of Bitcoin, rather than its oft-perceived, shadowy origins.

See you next week for another round-up of the most interesting stories in the tech space. In the meantime, I’ll be working on new Python projects for the community.

Dr Robert Johns

Editor-in-chief at

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