The Biggest Password Hack in History

This week we’re talking about news on the biggest password breach in history. Plus we answer a reader question, highlight a few tech job opportunities, and ask for your feedback.

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The Biggest Password Breach in History

You’ve likely heard about the password leak, which happened just last week on July 4th. A hacker known as “ObamaCare” released about 10 billion (yes, billion) passwords in what he’s calling “RockYou2024”.

So what should you do?

  • Change your passwords

  • Use a password manager

  • Enable 2-Factor authentification

These quick steps should mitigate access leaks to your accounts and prevent issues moving forward.

Interested in how these types of leaks happen? Read our guide to tools commonly used by ethical hackers.

The Best Computer for Android Development

One of our readers reached out with the following question.

Can someone please let me know the best specifications for a laptop/pc for android development?

Seeking CPU

Dear Seeking CPU,

We’ve got some recommendations. In fact, we wrote up this short article on what to look for when buying (or building) a computer for Android development.

We’re also happy to provide the short answer here.

With the minimums, you can run Android Studio and build simple projects.

Basically, there are minimum specs your computer should have if you want to work with Android. Those are still pretty limiting though, especially if you want to run multiple emulators or build projects with large datasets.

So here’s what we recommend.

Recommended specs allow you to build much more robust projects.

So if you’re on a budget or just learning Android development, stick with the minimums. If you have the means and the need for extra computing power, move to a more powerful processor with more RAM, a larger hard drive, and a dedicated graphics card.

Thanks for the question!

This Week’s Jobs

Looking for new job opportunities? Check out the latest on our job board.

Here are a few that caught our attention:

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